Probably the greatest, comprehensive analysis on one of the most important film makers in animation gone too soon, and my direct influence in storyboard/visual storytelling in animation, the late great Kon Satoshi.

Rest in Power, Kon-san!





If you haven’t heard about this yet, last night the BBC aired a powerful documentary called Blurred Lines that explored casual misogyny online and rape culture.

I urge EVERYONE to watch it and spread it like fire because it gives real insight into the topic and has inspired both men and women to go to Twitter and had #blurredlines trending for 12 hours on Twitter after it aired.

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here (x)

(I genuinely don’t know if those outside the UK can view, so please let me know!)

It includes video footage from the Steubenville cases, it takes a look at the treatment of women in GTA, lads mags and rape jokes, the unapologetic nature of those who perpetrate rape culture etc.

One of the more interesting points of the documentary are the men who oppose rape culture and those that don’t and the societal differences between them.

After you view it please share your views, both on Tumblr and any other social media platforms you have. It’d be great if this abuse against women documentary were the first searches people came across when they search for Blurred lines.

You can watch it on BBC iPlayer here (x)

For those outside the UK: there’s a nice browser extension called Hola with which you can watch this.

And here’s a link to the whole program on YouTube.  [x]

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I’ve been working toward saving to go to CTN, but paying rent and being able to live is a priority. I’ve put up a donation button on my front page if anyone is willing to help me out!

If you donate over:

5 USD, I’ll draw you a quick headshot! [x]
10 USD, quick half-body!
15 USD, - quick full body!

20 USD,  Traditionally Inked Full Body commission (B/W) [x] OR painted headshot! [x]

Before you donate, there will be a “Additional instructions” button that you can leave a description/comment/link to references and your tumblr username (if you would like me to post it). That, or you can email me at: with that information.

My commissions are open as well! You can find that information HERE!

Thank you so much!

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Sleeping Beauty figure by Kaoru Mori.

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Backgrounds: The Set Up.

A continuation for fungii on how I tackle backgrounds.

never apologise for posting these

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self promo on tumblr like

Oh my fucking god


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So someone swapped in the Attack on Titan theme on the opening for Sailor Moon Crystal and this was the result.

Holy shit

do most anime openings got like a pacing system going on? cuz when I was in the 10th grade I tried swapping the 2nd Naruto opening with the OP music from at least 6 different animes and every single one of them worked flawlessly

they actually do, they’re very formulaic.

I feel like it’s time to bring this back.

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mom jokes

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Title: Now That's What I Call Polka! Artist: "Weird Al" Yankovic 207,086 plays




Weird Al’s polka medleys are always the bomb, man.

  1. "Wrecking Ball" by Miley Cyrus
  2. "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster the People
  3. "Best Song Ever" by One Direction
  4. "Gangnam Style" by Psy
  5. "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen
  6. "Scream & Shout" by feat. Britney Spears
  7. "Somebody That I Used To Know" by Gotye feat. Kimbra
  8. "Timber" by Pitbull feat. Kesha
  9. "Sexy and I Know It" by LMFAO
  10. "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis feat. Wanz
  11. "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk feat. Pharrell

And yet he isn’t related to Frankie Yankovic

I love how every time he goes, “Maybe I won’t do a polka medley on this album…” his fans freak the fuck out. “NO! YOU HAVE TO!”



Alignment :: What would be their D&D alignment? How might it come into play?
Beverage :: What do they most like to drink, and why?
Co-Habitate :: Do they live with anyone? What’s “need to know” before moving in?
Decor :: What kind of home do they keep? Are there any…

Title: Sail / Everybody Wants to Rule the World Artist: AWOLNATION and Lorde 151,609 plays


Mash-up of 

  • AWOLNATION Sail (Feed Me Remix)
  • Lorde Everybody Wants to Rule the World

By Song-Masher - Downloads - Donate - Request a Mash-up!

Sail © 2011 Red Bull RecordsEverybody Wants to Rule the World © 1985 Phonogram (UK), Mercury (US), Vertigo (CA); The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack © 2013 Republic Records, Mercury Records. My mash-ups are transformative works and are protected by the DMCA’s fair-use doctrine.

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Nimona: Cute Dads AU fanart (sears family photo ed.)

I promised Noelle some fanart like two weeks ago and got bummed with work today so I made thisssss (based on the “everything is fine" alternate universe of her comic.)

Read Nimona and follow Noelle/Gingerhaze if you haven’t/aren’t already!!

I’m losing it right now this is the best thing that’s ever happened to me probably



Evening Post: August 12, 1899.
"She immediately alighted, caught hold of the astonished youth, and gave him a sound thrashing, using her fists in a scientific fashion…”

I would love to know what this means.

I think that might be code for “punched him in the balls with devastating accuracy”.

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are you tumblr? are you fandom? are you a champion? then listen here to relive the dashcon experience » x

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